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The FashionTech Expo is an annual public event that brings together the most innovative fashion initiatives.

  • Where : ESCP Europe campus, 79 Avenue de la République, 75011 PARIS

  • When : Friday October 19th - 10.30 am - 9.30 pm

  • What : As part of FashionTech Week # 6, Entrepreneurs and Designers will showcase their innovative products, services and fashion projects during the FashionTech Expo

An exhibition day to discover new Fashion-Tech projects, designers and startups selected for their qualities in terms of innovation, maturity, aesthetics, general interest. Cultural and interactive exchange and meeting place for fashion and digital enthusiasts and professionals, FashionTech Expo brings together the curious of fashion developments. This meeting aims to reveal and encourage the construction of a fashion connected to current challenges.

INEDIT on the FashionTech Expo from 2PM to 3.30PM Workshop with ISOC "Best Practices for FashionTech Data" bringing together experts and interested visitors around the subject of data responsibility: - Intro experts followed by feedback - Discussions around good practices - Writing of a guide co-signed by the FT which will be diffused and free access.

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CANDIDATER / APPLY >> closed for 2018 session !
For the FashionTech Expo we try to enhance the tangible expression of a project (a nice interface, prototypes or amazing demo, attractive collections etc), it is necessary that we have to show or test. Depending on your goals you can apply for Fashion-Pitch-Night or FashionTech Expo or both, knowing that the organizers are allowed to consult each other in case of a double selection.

Pour la FashionTech Expo nous essayons de valoriser l'expression tangible d'un projet (une belle interface, des prototypes ou démo étonnants, des collections attrayantes etc), il faut que l'on ait à montrer ou faire tester. En fonction de vos objectifs vous pouvez postuler à la Fashion-Pitch-Night ou à la FashionTech Expo ou aux deux, sachant que les organisateurs se laissent le droit de se concerter en cas d'une double sélection.

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